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As an expert in leadership and change management, I empower global leaders and entrepreneurs to thrive through change and reach their full potential. My personalized coaching drives individual growth and fosters strong, effective teams. Join me on your leadership journey for organizational growth. Ready for meaningful change and dynamic teams? Contact me today to start your path to sustainable growth.


As a leadership coach, I empower leaders and entrepreneurs to elevate their leadership skills and drive impactful change.

HR Solutions

Customized people strategy and HR solutions, with a focus on change management and enhancing organizational excellence for long-term success.


My workshops empower leaders and teams with tools for change, enhancing skills, communication, and workflow for a stronger organization.

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Hill Holm Coaching & Consulting
Jessica Hill Holm

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As an experienced leadership coach, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, including corporate leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs. I specialize in leadership and competence development, offering personalized coaching to help clients achieve their full potential and drive meaningful change in their organizations. My passion lies in empowering leaders and entrepreneurs to unlock their true capabilities and achieve lasting results.

With over two decades of experience, my focus is on fostering successful and thriving organizations. I bring a unique approach to leadership coaching, grounded in Swedish leadership principles that emphasize inclusivity, collaboration, and a holistic view. Throughout my career, I've gained extensive leadership experience and have collaborated with HR departments in areas such as recruitment, onboarding, change management, and leadership coaching for multiple large Swedish companies on a global scale.





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Ageism in the workplace: 5 tips for adjusting your resume to fight it Are you making these career mistakes on a resume? Fix them now

Confronting ageism in the workplace begins with a strategic approach to your resume. In this guide, we uncover five essential tips for tailoring your resume to combat age-related biases. Are you unknowingly making career-limiting mistakes on your resume? It's time to identify and rectify them. Read on to learn how to skillfully adjust your resume and present your experience in a way that transcends age, emphasizing your value and expertise.

In Her Own Words: Knowledge gained in the corporate world led Jessica Hill Holm to a coaching career

In this article, I share my journey and the profound gratitude I hold for my experiences in the corporate 9-to-5 world. While many express disdain for this environment, it was here that I acquired unexpected yet crucial skills that paved my way to success as a coach and entrepreneur. This narrative delves into how these formative years in the corporate sector have indelibly shaped my approach and philosophy in leadership and coaching.

20 Coaches Share Ways They Use Their Expertise To Give Back

Discover how coaching can be a catalyst for positive change. In this featured Forbes article, learn how 20 esteemed coaches, including myself, use our expertise to give back to communities. We share insights on leveraging personal and professional development to make a meaningful difference beyond the coaching realm.

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Her authenticity, trust-building personality, humanistic values, competence, and extensive broad experience make her someone I value highly and believe will contribute significantly to any assignment or project she undertakes.

Vid återflytten till Sverige hjälpte Jessica mig med att formulera en affärsplan samt att coacha mig i att starta eget. Utan henne hade jag vare sig vågat eller vetat hur jag skulle gå till väga. Det är den bästa investeringen jag har gjort!” ​

Jessica har bidragit till min utveckling med både självutvecklande som målstyrda uppgifter vilka hjälpt mig att hålla fokus fram mot mitt mål.

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